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Cafe Circa - Cafe in the West End of Glasgow.

Sit in Menu

Full Scottish breakfast

Bacon, egg, Stornoway black pudding, potato scone, square sausage, mushrooms, beans and toast. £5.50

Vegetarian breakfast

Full vegetarian options – Egg, veggie sausages, beans, potato scone, tomato, mushrooms and toast£5.50

                                                                                        French toast – have with, maple syrup and strawberries or savoury with bacon and tomatoes       £5.60


                                                                                         Eggs Benedict


                                                                                        Open toasted muffin topped with two poached eggs, crispy parma ham and hollandaise sauce             £5.90

                                                                                         Omelettes's -       Vegetarian £4.90        Fish - £5.90         Spanish £6.10


eating in at Cafe Circa


Cheese & red onion (£3.90) Egg mayo & cress (3.90) Tuna Mayo & cheese melt (£4.20)

Bacon, lettuce & tomato (4.30) Cheese & ham (4.30) Chicken mayo (4.30)

Salmon & cream cheese (4.40) Mozzarella, basil and tomato (£3.90)


                              (Upgrade your sandwich to a toastie or a panini for 50p)

                        (Soup & sandwich deal £5.50. If you prefer cullen skink add 80p)

soup of the day


Cheese (4.30) Beans (£4.30) Coleslaw (£4.60) Tuna mayo (£4.80)

Chicken mayo (£4.90) Chill con carne (£4.90)

                                    (Extra filling add 60p)


Smoked Salmon Pate

Salmon with cream cheese & lemon juice, lightly seasoned. Served with wholemeal crusty bread, salad and balsamic dressing               (£4.80)


                                                             Chilli Nachos

                                                              Nacho crisps topped with chilli con carne.  Served with sour cream,                                                                     salsa, guacamole, cheese and jalepenos                                           (£5.80)   BIG BITES

 Mince &Tatties

Locally Sourced Minced beef  With Fluffy Mashed  Potato, Served With Herby Dumplings        (£5.90)

Circa Burger

Homemade Beef Burger In Burger Bap Topped With Homemade Burger Relish, Mature Cheddar, Cheese,Tomatoes & White Onion. Served With Hand Cut Oregano Roasted Wedges & Garlic Mayo     


*Spice up Your Burger with Jalapeños add 50p*



coffeesHot Drinks

We serve a range of Tea and Coffee please choose from

Filter coffee £1.50 Espresso - £1.30 Macchiato £1.50 Cafe con panna £2.50 Mocha £2.50
Americano £1.60 Latte £2.10 and Cappuccino £2.10

English breakfast tea and all day tea £1.40 Caffeine free, Rose, peppermint, earl grey, chai, berry, chamomile or green tea £1.90
Brews the daddy (a clear strong tea) £1.90

Hot chocolate £1.80 Hot chocolate cream and mallows £2.30

Cold Drinks

Apple or orange juice £1.50 Still or sparkling water £1.40 Coke, Irn Bru, (regular or diet) 7up, tango £1.40 Traditional lemonade or ginger beer £1.80

Milkshakes – chocolate, banana or strawberry £2.20

Smoothies – Peach mango & passion fruit, strawberry mango & melon or banana pineapple and coconut £3.10
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For more information on the menu at Cafe Circa please ask our friendly, patient and helpful staff. Alternatively follow us on facebook for an update on the planned main meals for the next week.

We have a daily specials board that has a large range of hot and cold food.

Contact Cafe Circa.


light snacks


Filled roll with bacon, black pudding, scrambled egg link or veggie sausages £2.40

Filled roll with fried egg, potato scone or square sausage                                                          £2.20

Add an extra filling, bacon, Stornoway black pudding, links or veggie sausage for 8op
Egg or potato scone, sausage for 60p


Lentil soup or soup of the day                 £3.10

Soup of the day                                           £3.10

Cullen Skink                                                £3.90

lentil soup


Scrambled, boiled or poached eggs with toast.                                                                               £3.80

Cheesy toast 2 slices topped with tomato and Worcester sauce.                                           £3.80

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast.                                                                               £5.90

Toast with butter and jam or marmalade .                                                                                  £2.40

Toasted bagel with scrambled egg and cheese or scrambled egg and crispy bacon .     £3.70

Toasted bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese.                                                            £4.90

Mega Bagel - Square sausage, bacon, egg and

fried tomatoes                                              £4.50

dish of the day

Sarnie of the day – Dish of the day

(see board for details)

Child friendly Cafes - The wee ones

Please note we do not have a children’s menu but are happy to do small portions for the little ones wherever possible.

Our friendy, patient staff will be on hand to help you to order


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